Im Angebot unseres Wagenparks gibt es nur Wagen mit der Marke Mercedes-Benz mit den Aufliegern Schmitz, mit dem Nutzgewicht 24 000 kg (33 Paletten in der Standardversion / 66 Paletten mit dem Doppelboden und den Trennwänden Multitemp), im Umfang der Temperaturen von +30° C bis -27° C.

We can offer transportation throughout Europe especially to United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, France and Italy.

In our fleet you can find a wide range of trucks with refrigeration trailers. Semi-double decker trailers with a dividing wall where the frozen, chilled and dried goods can be stored – standard goods of all kinds. We offer trailers with ADR equipment as well as new trucks which meet Euro 6 emission limits. Our company transports frozen goods for more than 20 years.

Why should you choose our company for refrigerated transport?

  • Delivery of products with short expiration date
  • Variability of trucks, tractors and trailers
  • Large fleet of vehicles
  • Ability to immediately react to change requests
  • Ability to provide a replacement vehicle in case of any troubles
  • Distribution throughout European Union
  • 24/7 dispatching
  • Delivery on time